Learning Writing Rules

I haven’t written any scenes for the past few days. I have been busy working out how to learn to write better first drafts. I decided I need a refresher course on writing rules.

Why should I learn writing rules? Rules such as grammar, layout, style, genre, structure. The answer is so I will know when I break them.

I think the best way is to take a course in English and to do that for no cost is to locate an old primary school English text book.

Then I need to learn to edit my story for grammar, style, structure, point of view, proportion, dialogue mechanics including speech tags and action tags, interior monologue, voice, and showing – not telling.

The best way to do that is locate books on editing, either from the local library or purchase them. Also, the best help for editing would be books written by Editors who are paid to do their job.

One book is Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne & Dave King. Yes, I bought it, and spend yesterday reading and today doing the exercises.

A side benefit on learning editing is my story will be more structured and concise and will need less editing by the time I finish it.

Tomorrow, I will start my next scene.


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  1. LisaM on

    I’m having more or less the same thoughts about my own first drafts. I’m putting together a post on it, but, in a nutshell, I find that my first drafts are more plot-oriented (based on character motivation) and very sparse on description either of characters or of settings.

    I’m working on the edit of the first ms I finished and it’s taking ages! 😦 However, writers WRITE. So if we’re still writing, we’re doing ok.

    What did you think of the Self-Editing for Fiction Writers book? Is it one you’d recommend for the bookshelf?

    Wishing youall the best with your editing.

    • djmills on

      Yes, I am recommending it for all new writers. I have been struggling with how much details is enough, and speech attributes. Now I have the answers.

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