Weekly Word Count

I didn’t meet my 5K word count this week, but still got one good scene completed, and worked out 8 more scenes to be included from MMC pov, including conflict, backstory, and why MMC was scouting out the planet in the first place.

I finished reading The Breakout Novel and concluded I will never have one, because I am not a fan of general literature, and have no wish or inclination to write about characters that are depressed or weak or unable to solve their problems. I like strong characters who make decisions, even if wrong, and learn and grow from results of their actions and yes, reach their goals at the end of the story.

In the whole Breakout book there were only two novels mentioned that I liked. I saw Jurasic Park as a movie and read the other one, can’t remember the name now.  Of course, if you believe what Maass is saying, the only solid top ten scoring book has to be driven by three deminsional characters and not much plot.

I can list plot driven stories by authors who broke out years ago, Robert Ludlum, Eric Lustbader, Len Deighton and Wilbur Smith to name a few. I also believe that the Harry Potter stories are plot driven, but I am sure many will argue that the character of Harry Potter is driving the story.

I am done studying editing theory, and look forward to enrol in Holly’s editing course as soon as it is becomes available. In the meantime I hope to complete this WIP and will plan on using it for the lessons of the course.

Keep writing everyone and enjoy the journey.


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  1. cat on

    but I am sure many will argue that the character of Harry Potter is driving the story.
    I’m on your side there. I didn’t think Harry changed a lot during the seven books. He went from a sulky teenager to a sulky nearly-grown-up. All that changed was that he had friends in the end.

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