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Change of Pace

I spent the week planning and getting the main parts written for a 5 day free e-course I want to put on my web site, when I finally get a web site going. Continue reading

Completed Current WIP

I typed THE END just short of 90K words, but I am still happy. My first drafts always need more detailed description and emotion added in the edit so there is room to add without going way over the 90K I planned for this story. Continue reading

Last Chapter of WIP

I finally have my draft coming together and only have to write the last chapter. It should be done next week.

This is my first experience of writing scenes out of order, but I found that after writing all the FMC from start to almost finish, then slipping each MMC scene between the FMC scenes as they happened at the same time as the female but in different settings, I hoped to keep the flow and character of the male consistant. I hope it worked, so my edits are easier, but won’t know until I start the edits. Continue reading