Last Chapter of WIP

I finally have my draft coming together and only have to write the last chapter. It should be done next week.

This is my first experience of writing scenes out of order, but I found that after writing all the FMC from start to almost finish, then slipping each MMC scene between the FMC scenes as they happened at the same time as the female but in different settings, I hoped to keep the flow and character of the male consistant. I hope it worked, so my edits are easier, but won’t know until I start the edits.

The good news is that I will have it finished before Holly starts HTRYN so I can devote all my time to the course. 

I hope everyone who are participating are enjoying November Novel frenzy. I do not think I have the staying power most of you have so I have never tacked the November madness. Good luck to you all.


3 comments so far

  1. LisaM on

    That’s great! Only one chapter to go!! That’s a great achievement. You’ll have to treat yourself to something nice to mark the occasion.

  2. dianacacy on

    Hey congrats!

    November madness is crazy because it seems to be one of the worse months of the year time-wise. Guess it wouldn’t be a challenge otherwise. LOL

    No matter if the novel’s with Nano or without, it’s fantastic to finish. And good fun to use for the revision course. I want to use the one I have going on now for it too.

    What’s your victory celebration?

  3. Cat on

    Unless you get really, really ill like I did last week. Slowly recovering. I’m looking forward to reading your story. It sounds very interesting so far.


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