Completed Current WIP

I typed THE END just short of 90K words, but I am still happy. My first drafts always need more detailed description and emotion added in the edit so there is room to add without going way over the 90K I planned for this story.

I didn’t want to end it, because there is now a whole new planet for the FMC to explore once the spaceship gets there. So, my elation over completing another first draft is somewhat dampened by not being able to explore the MMC home world.

Still, after a planned day of eating out and visiting friends I can always start building the MMC world while I am waiting for Holly’s Revision course to start.

Now, I will treat myself to pizza and TV for the afternoon before I reread the last scene and print out the last few pages and hole punch them and file the story in the folder. I know it is a waste of paper to print out before starting to edit, but just in case the computer dies at the same time as the external backup drive and the memory stick and the floppy disk, I will still have a copy to work off.

I will do a happy dance after I do another backup of the story. 🙂


3 comments so far

  1. LisaM on

    Congratulations! It’s one of the best feelings in the world – writing The End.

    Enjoy the pizza and tv!

    P.S. BTW, I print my work out, too, just in case the computer packs it in, but re-reading from a printed page makes the editing easier, as well.

    • djmills on

      Yes, I agree. I printed it out not only for a secure copy but to also be ready for the Revision course. I live in hope that I will get in as soon as it opens for HTTS grads.

  2. Cat on

    Woohoo! Cheers. I love that feeling. Wish you a lot of success with it.

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