Change of Pace

I spent the week planning and getting the main parts written for a 5 day free e-course I want to put on my web site, when I finally get a web site going.

The 5 day free e-course turned into a 7 day free e-course. I now have to let it sit and edit each day’s topic. I also need to locate web links that will further add benefits to each topic.

Then I want to create How To reports on each subject that I can offer on my web site along with my non fiction book already created, but with a lot of room for improvement.

I guess it is all practice at writing in different areas, and will be useful to start a e-list when, not if, I ever get a writing web site up and running.

And it is filling in time until I can enrol in the HTRYN course when it is open. Yes! Excitement building!





4 comments so far

  1. LisaM on

    Hi DJ,

    You’ve been busy! A first draft novel finished and a 7-day course finished! Well done.

    I’m in the HTRYN class – yay! – so I shall no doubt see you there. 🙂

  2. curiocat on

    I’m looking forward to reading the course.

  3. Texanne on

    Wow–good for you!

    The idea of writing non-fiction appeals to me, except that there’s nothing I know very much about. However, I’m glad that you do! Way to go.

  4. Lore on

    Wow Diane, you are a busy, busy person.

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