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I am on my last read through after typing in all the changes made during the course. The computer is doing the reading out loud and I am listening. Also watching out for to, two, too type mistakes, and, of course, “ly” adverbs, and “to be” verbs.

Sometimes I think I need “was” instead of a more dramatic verb. Why? I have no idea, but my muse is happy with the “to be” verb and the editor in me says, “leave it alone and get the thing finished”.

Am I happy with the story? Yes!

Could I see more changes that would improve the story? Yes! Making them? No! Any ideas during the type in are noted and ready for next first draft.

After the long slog, I am so happy I did the course, although I am still shaking my head with awe. Why is this information not taught in the other classes I have taken in writing?

All I can do is thank Holly yet again for offering her advice so I can improve my stories. Holly, thank you.

Now I have to hang out for another week to get the improved synopsis suggestions before I can print out a clean copy of story and send out query letters.

On another note, I am itching to create a cover page, including Title, Author Name, picture or icon from the story. Why bother? Well, if I can’t get the story published, I am thinking of putting it up as a PDF file to download or eBook. If I do that, it needs a cover page.

I found good beginning suggestions for the cover page for the eBook on Michael A. Stackpole’s website and interesting articles on his learning curve on selling his own stories as eBooks.


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  1. LisaM on

    Congratulations! I’m so glad you’ve gotten it finished and you’re happy with it! YAY!!! (doing a happy dance right now)

    Great link, too.

  2. djmills on

    Yes, you can learn a lot about selling your books on your own site from Michael A. Stackpole’s website. The difference being he is a published author and has reached a standard I am still striving to reach.

  3. Texanne on

    Good morning, Diane–
    Wow. You’ve finished the type in! That is impressive and admirable (trying not to say “awesome”). I’ll get there someday. Funny, after yesterday’s inexplicable outpouring of Something Unknown, I feel ready to get back to the novel today. Writers are so weird. Yay! You finished the type-in!

    • djmills on

      Thanks, Texanne. Yes, finished typing in the fixes, now doing last read through. I can’t wait to type query and synopsis and post. 🙂

  4. Eileen on

    Diane, this is wonderful! It’s got to be sheer joy to reach that point after all your hard work. I’m thrilled for you!

    • djmills on

      Thanks, I am quietly smiling while doing last read through before I print out a clean copy.

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