Parts of Fiction

I added a page, The Parts of Fiction, to this blog site. It is mostly to remind me of the different parts of writing a novel that I have learnt over the past three years, and to jog my memory when I start my next novel.

Thanks to Holly Lisle and James N. Frey, I now understand the parts listed. I will add more dot points when I learn them.

Other than that, I seem to be procrastinating this week. Hence the late blog.

Still working through each scene, computer reading aloud, and fixing when I stumble (or the computer stumbles). Have about 30 scenes to go. I really need to set a deadline to motivate myself.

How are the rest of you going with your type-in and last read through?

Have you all written your query and synopsis yet? I still have to write them, but should have them done by the end of next week.

Keep writing


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