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Study published authors

I spent an hour or two studying a couple of published author’s novels to get a feel for how they wrote all the elements of a scene and how it fit into plot. Continue reading

Playing with images

I spent Sunday trying to create an image for the cover page of my completed novel. Continue reading

Self Marketing Guidelines

I posted a page under Business of Writing with the steps necessary to self market a story. Continue reading

Indie Novels

I made a comment in my previous blog that got me thinking. Continue reading

Writer’s Business

First I planned the novel, ordered the scenes, interviewed the characters, etc as per HTTS. Then I wrote the novel. Now that was fun and I surprised myself with each new scene. After that, I had to revise the novel, and thanks to HTRYN I am happy with the results. But is it at a standard to be published? How can I find out? The only way I can think of is to send it to publishers. Continue reading