Writer’s Business

First I planned the novel, ordered the scenes, interviewed the characters, etc as per HTTS. Then I wrote the novel. Now that was fun and I surprised myself with each new scene. After that, I had to revise the novel, and thanks to HTRYN I am happy with the results. But is it at a standard to be published? How can I find out? The only way I can think of is to send it to publishers.

Now I come to the business of writing.

I need a query letter and synopsis. How do I know if my synopsis is good enough for publishers? Why write it in the first place?

I know I am selling the novel with one or two pages, writing in present tense, third person, no matter how the novel is written. I am only telling the highlights of the novel, not every scene. I am enticing the publisher to ask for the novel based on the high points of the novel in the synopsis.

In this age of computers, why can’t I just drop my story in a website that the only people who can see it are publishers?

Then they log in and search by genre, word length, language, etc and locate my story. They read the first 1-3 chapters. If they keep reading, the novel is good enough to publish, if not, they move to the next file in the search list.

I log in and read the action log, noting that a particular publisher read one page, three pages, whatever, on a particular day, but didn’t purchase. This would tell me they are looking for genre or word length, but not my particular story. Or the website could even allow for publisher comments as to why they didn’t purchase. You know, like select from five or ten different comments, so the author has an idea why the book is not grabbing attention.

Why have a lot of writers not set up a website for this purpose instead of repeating the search, and postage of query and synopsis for every novel they write?

Why haven’t publishers combined their knowledge, and set up the same sort of website? Are they scared that another publisher will beat them to then next Harry P novel series?

Why do publishers make it so hard for writers to get noticed?

Or, should I look at putting on my Marketing Hat and embracing the computer age? E-Books, anyone?


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  1. imotherofpearl on

    Now that is a fabulous idea. Sounds much easier and more efficient for everyone concerned – no wasting time or money. It does seem weird that in the electronic age, we’re still printing double spaced giant manuscripts in a typewriter font to send via snail mail…

  2. Texanne on

    It is a great idea, and my guess is that someone is already doing it or a variation on it. But the weakness, as I see it, is that your system is going to result in a lot of false negatives (rejections).

    Why? Although we do our best not to write even one boring sentence, the fact is that the first chapter or two of your book will be set-up. The plot is not apparent in the first chapter. The only thing the editor/agent can tell by reading the first pages of your story is whether you can type, spell, and string a sentence.

    If I were looking to acquire books for my publishing company or writers for my agency, I’d still want to see a query letter that introduces the author as a person and a synopsis that tells me if this novel is just like the last 12 novels I’ve read in this genre or if it has that something extra.

    Add in query letter and synopsis, and I’m on board for your plan, too! Good thinking. 🙂

    • djmills on

      Good thought, adding query and synopsis to database/web site along with the novel. 🙂

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