Self Marketing Guidelines

I posted a page under Business of Writing with the steps necessary to self market a story.

I may have missed some so feel free to add any you think of in the comments section.

I like the idea of placing the completed product on another site where there are many visitors rather than my own site where I have to actively cultivate visitors and manage the site. Of course, I will look into that over the weekend. Got to love Google! 🙂

In the meantime I am searching the web for all the different ways to attract a publisher or agent with the query letter. Can you guess how many different ways there are to write a query letter?

I understand Publishers having quirks and “rules” as to the only “one true way” to write a query letter, but agents? Give me a break.

We are employing agents to sell our product to Publishers. If agents demand the “one true way” of query letters then why do we need them?

There is no mystery to what agents do. They cultivate a working relationship with publishers and understand what they are looking for now and only market the novels the publishers want.

If we are to act professionally why are we, the authors, not searching and keeping up to date with what publishers want. If we make writing our business, then we owe it to ourselves to keep up to date and write those types of novels, to keep our business of writing afloat.

If we are only writing what we love and not caring about the industry, we are feeding our hobby of writing, not our business of writing.

Of course, now I have produced a few books, I understand where I can write what I love as well as keeping up with the industry. But I am not interested in romance, whether luke warm or sizzling. I am not interested in blood sucking sexy males and wimpy female characters.

I guess I have more Google searches coming up! 🙂

Keep writing.


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