Playing with images

I spent Sunday trying to create an image for the cover page of my completed novel.

The list of elements in the story:

  • Weather is drizzling rain for the rainy season so I chose clouds
  • Intelligent aliens of energy (how to show energy except as lightning)
  • Rafting down a river can be portrayed with the river
  • Human main character
  • Human romantic interest who crashed his survey craft
  • Alien Jlaantei guards chasing female main character to return her to complex

I picked lightning, river and craft and worked on pulling them together into one image using Adobe Photoshop. Rather ambitious of me as I don’t know how to use it.

I made them into the book cover image. What do you think? Any good? Would the cover make you buy the book to read?

I decided it did not portray the science fiction theme because the aircraft is a picture of a hornet. I looked at it and decided the craft should be different from now. After all, the story is set in the future. I decided it should have more power so added two more motors and shortened wings in third picture. In theory, these can be turned to allow the craft to hover.

I ran out of time, but now I need to replace the aircraft with the altered version.

The whole exercise was fun, if frustrating because I could have drawn and painted the whole scene with watercolour paints or even coloured pencils in almost the same amount of time.

After analysing the exercise, I think it is worth the money to pay a talented illustrator to do the cover of each book. Now I have to locate the web link to an illustrator that charges a small fee for a picture. I only hope I bookmarked it.


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  1. imotherofpearl on

    I love the lightning and the landscape on the cover art, especially the way the lightning reflects on the water. The revised craft is great, but I think you might need to play with the shadows a bit on the craft if you were using this as your cover art.

    I think it’s a good idea to invest in an illustrator – helps support the market for other artists as well as writers!

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