I am testing Smashwords

I have been following J A Konrath and Dean Wesley Smith’s blogs for some time and have taken the plunge. I uploaded a Sifi short story to Smashwords.

It certainly is an experience I hope to get better at the next time I try it, but I finally fixed the errors and can find the page.

I also set up another blog under my pen name with links to Smashwords, because they request links in the end pages of the book.  Now, I need to decide whether to merge this blog with the other, or leave the pen name blog for Smashwords/published stories only, and keep writing for this blog each week.

I will continue HTRYN with my next novel while I wait for reviews to see if anyone likes my style of writing.

My advice, now I have achieved this major step, is to take the step to feel the waters. If no one downloads my story or there are only bad reviews then I will summise the story is not very good, but if I get lots of downloads and good reviews, I will conclude that I am on the right track with my stories. I will give it a few months and report how many downloads and reviews.

Keep writing.


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