My Smashwords story is Approved.

My Smashwords short story was approved 5 days after placing the story on the site.

 That means the cover page is the correct size, and the copyright pages have the correct wording.

Now the free story is added to a list that is sent to Stanza, Aldiko, Barnes & Nobel, Sony, Kobo, Apple and Amazon. I believe I will be advised on my dashboard when the list is sent.

So far, there has been 96 downloads from the Smashwords site but no reviews.

From this, I can assume a) no one has read it even though they downloaded it, or b) they read it and didn’t like it, or c) no one does reviews.

I have now finished changes to the book I revised in HTRYN. I asked a friend to read it and mark any spelling or other grammar mistakes, which, hopefully, she will do within the next two weeks. I plan on uploading the story as soon as I fix any errors she locates.

I hope the ones who downloaded the short story will like the novel, set on the same world, but I will not know if I don’t make it available.

Now back to my second novel and revision.


2 comments so far

  1. imotherofpearl on

    Congratulations on nearly a hundred downloads – that’s pretty impressive. You must be marketing your story effectively at least.

    I have noticed that in blogs at least, people will often read but not comment. My writing software post was viewed over two hundred times thanks to being re-blogged by Scrivener, but there was only one comment (on a different post!) that resulted from all those hits. So I think the most likely answer is c). Keep persevering!

  2. djmills on

    Thank you. I have to admit I read a lot of books and never write a review even if I love the stories. I do spread good stories by word of mouth, and maybe others do the same. Or, they could have downloaded the story because it was free.

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