Smashwords Downloads

Two weeks after putting a free short story on Smashwords it has been downloaded 130 times from Smashwords. This is without advertising or marketing anywhere, other than a friend who checked if the layout was OK in some of the other formats.

Now some questions.

Once Smashwords sends out the list with my story included, will readers download it from Amazon or the other sites? Only time will tell. Is it good enough to tempt the readers to tell their friends? Would the friends download the story because it is free or because it is a good story? If I double the downloads to 260, to simulate a full month of downloads, will it also follow that there would be 3120 downloads a year?

Is the story good enough to get the same readers to download a 90K novel set in the same world for $3.00?

Can I follow the first novel with another, 3 or 4 months later? At the same standard? Could I produce 3 novels a year for the readers? Is it worth the effort?

I have the first novel ready after putting it through Holly Lisle’s HTRYN to strengthen the plot, characters, etc. I printed out the novel, single spaced, fully justified, ready for upload and decided to do one last read through. Just as well I did the read through.

I could not believe the grammar mistakes, so marked all the pages that need changes and will tackle it again this week. Missing “s” on a noun, “ing” instead of “ed”, underlined words instead of italicised word, etc.

The above questions need to be answered honestly, and so far, I am happy with the workload. I love writing the stories I want to read but are unavailable in Australia for one reason or another.

I may solve the problem by purchasing ebooks and reading on a computer or other hand held device. Or I could continue to plan and write the stories and enjoy reading them once a year.

Back to fixing grammar this week.


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