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I love Muse Bombs

Yes! This week I finished the revision of my second novel I want to put on Smashwords. Thanks to Holly Lisle for a fantastic How to Revise Your Novel course, I have improved the story from its first draft to a good read.
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Whether you intend to publish traditionally or via ebooks you need to be aware of of the changes happening now. Continue reading

YA Writers Online Conference

I attended my first YA conference on 10-12th August and this weekend I am exhausted.
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Important to Learn about Contracts

Please read Dean Wesley Smith’s blog on what clauses to keep and what clauses to remove before signing your book contract with your publisher. In particular, read all the comments in Dean’s blog because you will learn some of the horror stories that happened to multiple published authors over the years. Continue reading

Building Readers or Followers

I am now studying internet marketing. One ebook I purchased was Small Reports Fortune by Jimmy D. Brown. It was a recommendation from Holly Lisle. It includes a step by step guide to marketing small reports (non fiction), but the same processes can be used to market fiction. Continue reading