Building Readers or Followers

I am now studying internet marketing. One ebook I purchased was Small Reports Fortune by Jimmy D. Brown. It was a recommendation from Holly Lisle. It includes a step by step guide to marketing small reports (non fiction), but the same processes can be used to market fiction.

I am also busy revising another novel using Holly’s HTRYN processes, but I need to take a few hours each week to implement marketing steps for Broken Faith, the novel I have on Smashwords. Until then, I am relying on word of mouth for the few who already purchased the book, and the free 20% of the story to attract readers. The novel is now in the premium catalog and will be rolled out to Amazon and the other sites by the end of August.

Holly has a beginner course Create Your Own Royalties. I recommend you sign up for it if you don’t already have it. It is easy to understand and a good starting point to understand marketing . Then search Google looking for internet marketing strategies. There are many free eBooks that explain how to get started hidden between the sales pitches for others who just want your money. Beware those. Do not pay for this information, it is free if you are prepared to search.

Once you work out if you want to keep writing and submitting until you get selected by a publisher or try to build your “followers” (think readers) on the internet, test the water. You will be surprised how many readers are ready to purchase a novel from a new author because the price is cheap. But you are on your own in keeping the reader.

Remember readers will recommend your novel to others if they fall in love with the world, characters, action, etc. but they will also talk about how boring, or impossible the characters are if they are not well rounded normal characters the reader can associate with.

Revise that first draft until the story shines, then check again to make sure the book has no typing errors. Follow the design layout guidelines. Understand the different requirements and percentage retained by Amazon, Kobo, B&N, Smashwords, etc. Understand you will need an IR number if you live outside USA, or be prepared for Smashwords to retain a IRS tax percent of each sale.

So, are you prepared to try eBooks and attract readers from the 20%  and growing section of the market?

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  1. Texanne on

    This is very good information–thanks for sharing it!

  2. Angela/Curiocat on

    Diane, I’ve got that report, too. Now I just have to read it! Lol. You’ve made me eager to get to it. I didn’t look at it quite the way you’ve presented it. Thanks for the insight.

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