I love Muse Bombs

Yes! This week I finished the revision of my second novel I want to put on Smashwords. Thanks to Holly Lisle for a fantastic How to Revise Your Novel course, I have improved the story from its first draft to a good read.

I needed to let it sit for a week or more and read through for all those missed typos, so I printed it out, duplex, and bound, thinking that would be the end of it.

However, I couldn’t wait and started to read through the finished draft in bed last night. Yes, I found typos and marked them. But what I really found were lots of muse bombs!

Let me give you an example:

In the last chapter, during the wrap up, the human MC, Casi, is talking to a visiting human, Matt, from a nearby colony (relatively speaking) who wants to trade with the aliens on the planet, Etam.


“What was that all about?” Matt Swift looked from Casi, to Kensell and Lear, and back to Casi.
Kensell answered in English. “It is a new story that will spread across the land teaching all that humans are welcome here and everyone must treat them as members of the tribe of Etam.”
“Oh,” Matt commented, “so that means we are welcome here again next year to trade more goods.”
“Yes,” Casi agreed.
“They will have a new religion to replace their old religion, where they can worship Casi and her friends, and they will grow trees and look after the lands.” Kensell added to his explanation. “It is not all bad.”
Casi glared at Kensell. Not if she could help it.
“Lucky you,” Matt told Casi. “You get all the benefits of belonging while we have to negotiate for trade items and watch we are not ripped off with the deals.”
“That will not happen.” Belden leant forward in his seat. “I hear you agreed to accept the humans living on Mannuholm into your colony.”
“And your group, and the keepers of the Elementals.”
“You will only get keepers that have all the elemental technology wiped from their minds.” Belden shook his head. “You probably won’t see any of them.”
“And you can’t have us,” Casi added. “We can not go anywhere without our guards.”
“Your guards are welcome.” Matt tried to assure Casi.
“No,” Casi shook her head, “our task is to return this country to where it once was. And we can not leave our guards because they are our executioners if we break any laws. You do realise we are dangerous, each in our own way? You would not want someone living among your people who, with one thought, could kill another. Now would you?”
“I don’t believe you would do that,” Matt looked at Pearl, who was talking to Netta and Addlar, ignoring Casi’s conversation. “Could she?”
“After me,” Casi whispered to Matt, “she is the most dangerous of us all.”


Lets look at the muse bombs.

A story about relocating the remaining humans on Mannuholm to the colony. I had already planned for that previously.

A story about brain wiping memories using alien tech. Yes, good point. +15

A story of the alien guards hunting down and killing one of the gene altered humans. +15

And finally, a story about the youngest of the gene altered humans, Pearl. Why? Because she is the second most dangerous of the small group of gene altered humans. +15

I had not planned for any of that. The character, Casi, just spoke, while I was summing up the current story. How good is that!

But there is even more, and on the same page.

“Have you killed anyone lately,” Matt asked Casi.
“Yes, only a few days ago,” Casi answered honestly. “I could not let my small group of humans anywhere near your colony because I understand humans can get greedy for goods or power, and I will not allow us to be used by your people or any one else,” Casi explained. “I am certain the elementals will not allow us the opportunity to get greedy either.”
“What can they do?” Matt had a look of disbelief on his face.
“Kill us, of course,” Casi smiled at Matt.
“Who, just you, or you and Pearl?”
“Any of us who disobey the laws.”
“And you let Pearl teleport to our ship?” Matt looked shocked for a moment, before he smiled. “You are still welcome to visit our colony and I look forward to seeing the changes on my next visit.” Matt looked around at the small group of humans Casi referred to. “Thankfully, there are no humans with your skills on our colony.”
“I believe I will be sent to your colony to find that out once Etam is settled and the land is healed.” Casi studied Matt’s face for a moment before she added, “I am sure I will find one or two.”


The last paragraph and the last sentence in the second example had a muse bomb. What a muse bomb! I have already established in my first story that there is one gene enhances human living on the colony but Casi doesn’t know that. The readers do. I already established one baby sending out thoughts that Casi’s group can hear. But a second one back on the planet? +15

Now I have my next story idea, I can get busy working out the details and start working on the premise, theme and conflicts.

Keep writing.


4 comments so far

  1. Texanne on

    I stand in awe–you go, girl!

    • djmills on

      I am amazed I can find the little gems, now I know how to look for them.

  2. ekcarmel on

    Fantastic! Sounds like you don’t have to go looking for ideas for your next novel!

  3. amkuska on

    I wish I had muse bombs like that!

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