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Interesting Articles

I read a couple of interesting blogs this weekend that helped me understand more about the business of writing. Continue reading

Scrivener for Windows

Great news for authors and script writers!

Literature and Latte own Scrivener for Mac and have just announced that Scrivener for Windows is almost ready for beta testing, and will be available to purchase early next year. Continue reading

Hot Fudge Cake Description

A writer friend mentioned having a chocolate fix of hot fudge cake while on a trip and as I never heard of it before, I went searching in Google for a copy of the recipe.

I found two and studied the different measurements of ingredients. Continue reading

Working on my Marketing Plan

Do you have a marketing plan for your novels? Is it similar to mine? Continue reading

Build A Customer Base

There are two basic ways to get information out on the internet.

  • Push = send email updates to list of customers
  • Pull = attract readers to my blogs Continue reading