Hot Fudge Cake Description

A writer friend mentioned having a chocolate fix of hot fudge cake while on a trip and as I never heard of it before, I went searching in Google for a copy of the recipe.

I found two and studied the different measurements of ingredients.
I should point out that I do not like cake, because it is mostly dry and tasteless, and I usually eat savoury biscuits with cheese and olives for a treat. I also do not put sugar into my tea or coffee, and the only chocolate I eat is the chocolate I make. No bought chocolate bars at all. However, I do eat home made ice cream and deserts like pumpkin pie or lemon meringue pie at least once a month.

I thought I could try this recipe because it needed boiling water poured over the mixture before baking and did not include eggs. I substituted melted butter for the oil and followed the recipe and placed it in the oven to cook. After I set the timer I went back to my office and worked on editing changes to my novel, until the timer went off.

That was Friday. Today I decided to do an exercise in description, capturing the vision and sensation of eating this new desert by including sight, smell, taste and touch. I also included my reaction to the experience. I now include it for your amusement.

“As I walked into the kitchen the aroma of hot chocolate filled my lungs, so I hurried to the electric oven and eased the nine inch cake tin off the top oven tray, keeping the two pot holders between my hands and the hot tin.

I eased the cake tin onto the bench, leant forward to smell the aroma and received a face full of hot steam, which fogged my glasses and blurred my vision. I pulled my face away from the cooling cake tin and reached for both a sweets bowl and my largest knife while my saliva glands went into overdrive.

My glasses cleared as I carefully cut a four inch square of the cooked cake and scooped out the square with the side of the blade. I dropped it into my sweets bowl. The knife was covered with hot chocolate so I ran my finger down the side of the knife and sucked the hot sauce into my mouth before the skin of my finger could burn. Then I repeated on the other side of the knife and licked that from my finger, all the while sucking air into my mouth to stop my tongue from burning.

I grabbed a spoon and scraped the remaining chocolate sauce from the bottom of the cake tin and smoothed it over the cake in the bowl while I swallowed the last of the sample. I felt it all the way to my stomach, and was surprised that the taste of hot chocolate and sugar remained in my mouth as an echo of the taste.

Only then did I take time to look at the bowl of hot fudge cake. The moist texture of chocolate cake smothered with moist thick chocolate sauce reflected the kitchen fluro tube. The reflection wavered through the steam rising from the chocolate mass, as the moist thick chocolate sauce slowly oozed down the side of the four inch square of chocolate cake and congealed in the bottom of the bowl.

I kept eating the delicious delight, not realising my body shook and my heart pounded from the influx of sugar. In fact, by the time I finished my hands were shaking.

What a treat. I told myself not to have any more until the next day, but I returned twice for another go at the now cold fudge cake. Being cold made no difference, it was still an adrenaline rush.”

Even if I have stomach cramps for the rest of the week, it was worth it, but I will only make it in future when I have at least four, or more, people to share the experience with me.


Do you have a recipe that is so good it has to be bad for you? Could you write description to capture the explosion of sensations when you consume it?


3 comments so far

  1. ekcarmel on

    Oh, Diane – I so want some of that cake NOW! You obviously captured the experience very well or I wouldn’t be salivating all over the keyboard right now.

    It reminds me of my granny’s Mexican Chocolate Cake, which I haven’t had in years. It was such a moist cake and the frosting was more fudge, really, than frosting. I need to print your recipe and find Granny’s recipe. Then, the problem will be to decide which one to make. Maybe both!

    • djmills on

      Make sure you have some friends to help you eat the Hot Fudge Cake, it will save your body from future harm 🙂

      Let me know which is better when you have compared the two. I will now search the internet for Mexican Chocolate Cake, after I look through my mexican recipe books.

  2. Angela/Curiocat on

    Yum. Thanks for recipe. I’m going to add to my list of other foods to drool over.

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