Scrivener for Windows

Great news for authors and script writers!

Literature and Latte own Scrivener for Mac and have just announced that Scrivener for Windows is almost ready for beta testing, and will be available to purchase early next year.

So, if you own a PC using Windows operating systems XP, Vista or 7, and are interested in learning more about Scrivener for Windows click here.

You can sign up for updates as Scrivener for Windows gets closer to release, and also beta test if you have the time to spare and are prepared to backup your daily output of words.

If you arre unsure why Scrivener is different from other writing programs, you can watch a video showing different areas of the program.

Personally, I can’t wait to test drive Scrivener.


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  1. Angela/Curiocat on

    Do you use a writing program? I’m of two minds about it right now. I want to try but then I keep thinking why mess with works right now?

    • djmills on

      Yes, I do use programs. Writers Block or Supernotecards for working out scenes and ordering them. Dramatica Pro for working out the characters and story outline and conflicts based on characters and creating scene sentences then I print out and refer to the outline and write in MSWord. I import the scene sentences into a Word doc to write the scenes.

      I use MovieMagic Screenwriter for scripts for movies and comic books and could use it for novels but too much bother.

      I have been trialing yWriter5 for novel scenes as it is comparable to Scrivener and works with the way Holly taught us to plan our scenes. However, Scrivener will handle everything once I get the characters built in Dramatica Pro so I would love to trial it when it is available.

      I use MSWord to layout the novel (copying each scene from yWriter5) and then formating for uploading to Smashwords as they require a Word doc for compiling into different file formats.

  2. thepencilneck on

    Very cool. Thanks for posting this.

    I used to use yWriter4 but I’ve been using Liquid Story Binder for a while now. LSB is non-intuitive but once you adapt it to your process, it can be very, very powerful.

    I’ve heard so much about Scrivener, I can’t wait to give it a shot.

    • djmills on

      We just have to be patient a few more weeks and then download the beta to test it. Yeah!

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