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I read a couple of interesting blogs this weekend that helped me understand more about the business of writing.

First, Dean Wesley Smith’s blog has an article on Major Publisher’s Blog on Publishing discusses two posts by Michael Hyatt of Thomas Nelson Publishers. You can follow the links on Dean’s blog.

The second blog is J A Konrath. His blog titled The Acquisitions Editor is funny but, sadly, true. One of the commenters, Derek J Canyon, mentioned he put up details on his blog with pricing for an editor of his eBook and has examples of the draft, changes suggested by the editor, and his end result.

For those of you wanting to learn editing the examples are good. For those of you wanting to locate an editor for your own drafts, there is a link to the editor Derek used.

I am still working my way through the type in of my next novel, and hopefully will have it ready to go by the end of the week if life doesn’t get in the way.


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  1. Tanja on

    Editing is something I’m having huge problems with. For some reason I find rewriting easier than proper editing.

    I love J A Konrath blog. Thanks for linking to Derek’s blog, had never seen that one before.

    • djmills on

      I need to learn editing so that I can write first drafts correctly and reduce my revision time. The best editing book I have purchased so far is Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King. Of course, plotting correctly and worldbuilding before and during the first draft helps reduce revision time. 🙂

  2. Tanja on

    I’ve signed up for a workshop in November, called “revision as you go” or something similar. I hope to get a few tips from that one. So far I’ve only bought books that talk about plotting or writing books in general. The book you mentioned sounds like something I’d like to add to my library.

    • djmills on

      I suggest you borrow it from your local library and take notes. If you like it, you can purchase a copy later. I summarised it and read the summary before I start editing to fix the process in my mind. So far, I am happy with my edits.

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