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I was reading through Randy Ingermanson’s web site , and noticed if I join up now I would receive a free 5 day course on how to publish a novel, and a free special report on Tiger marketing.

But, I joined his mailing list last year or the year before, so, I missed the free incentives. Then I thought about unsubscribing and resubscribing to get the free copies and wondered if that was ethical. I couldn’t decide so decided not to do it. I sent him an email asking if I could get the two free gifts even though I signed up for his mailing list ages ago. No harm asking!

Instead I looked back through the archives and discovered some good articles.

For instance, how to format you novel for Amazon’s Kindle eBook site  is described under item 3. Or, marketing fiction using non fiction

Serendipity! I already have a novel on Smashwords, that provides a list for other ebook sites, but the link to Amazon (Kindle) is still not working correctly, because of changes in the formatting rules. I believe my book is formatted correctly, but I have to be patient until the fix is done.

Because of the long wait for the fix in Smashwords, I decided I could opt out of the Amazon option in Smashwords and reformat the novel and place on Amazon myself. First, I had to learn what Amazon (Kindle) required, and spent a few hours yesterday searching and reading the help files for Kindle. I decided to wait for the Smashwords fix.

If I dedicated 4 hours a week to finding writing help on the net, I would still not find everything. You may be looking for different information to me, but I love these random searches that turn up wonderful information.

Back on Randy’s site, I followed some links and found Marcher Lord Press, a Christian speculative fiction publisher.

I write science fiction, including other worlds, aliens, psychic humans with real world morals, or lack of, with characters working for the good of both the aliens and humans on the worlds where the stories are set.

I also try to write strong main characters who know right from wrong morally, who are not spiteful or hurtful to others, unless it is to stop a greater wrong. That is to say, normal humans working towards certain goals as outlined in the stories.

What I learnt on this site was they are looking for humans that have internal conflict and that they could suffer and lose everything to gain the correct outlook in their lives. Yes, that happens in real life, and will continually happen as humans struggle to survive in our world. Yes, that happens in novels, where characters struggle to survive and we can base a lot of our real world experiences into our characters and plot.

But … I can not stand reading a novel, either SF or Mystery, where the main character is such a wimp (meaning a weak, ineffectual, timid person) he can’t make a decision and act on it. It doesn’t mean it is the correct decision, but just be decisive and make any decision to continue the story. If it is bad, learn from it and make a better decision next time.

If internal conflict is required for Christian fiction, it is not for me. It may not be what the site is referring to but I shudder every time I start reading a novel when the internal conflict is driving the character and story. Needless to say I stop reading the story, even if it is on the best seller list.

However, the site has a list of tips. They are well worth the read.

Another site, The Editorial Department, is where Renni Browne works. She is one of the author’s of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. This is a book every writer should have for reference when they self edit their novels. This is one editing book I am happy to recommend because it is the best I have seen on editing show and tell, characterization and exposition, POV, proportion, dialogue mechanics, easy beats, voice and more.

I bookmarked the blog, and will watch it for a while to see if there are any snippets of information I can learn while struggling through editing my drafts.

Have you found interesting sites that have information to help you improve your novels? Want to share them?


4 comments so far

  1. Angela/Curiocat on

    I like this site a lot:


    • djmills on

      I bookmarked it. Thanks for the link.

  2. Kristi on

    Thanks for the shoutout to The Editorial Department. I’m the lead blog wrangler there, and appreciate the mention. If you’re looking for more great advice from Renni and our other editors, check out the resources link on our homepage. It’s an archive of all our best guides and how-tos. http://www.editorialdepartment.com/e-zine/archives.html

    • djmills on

      Thanks Kristi, I have bookmarked the link and will get to it as soon as I finish my daily quota of writing. 🙂

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