Patience required for Writers

I have found that one of the main character traits required for writing fiction is patience. Some meanings of the word patience are endurance, staying power, tolerance, persistence, and fortitude.

I need more than I have, but understanding what it means does help my writing business.

I need patience while working through the idea and getting the plot worked out.

I need patience to create characters best suited to add conflict and work through to a solution.

I need patience to work through each scene in the mind of the point of view character.

I need patience to get the first draft finished.

I need patience while editing that draft, working out better beginnings and endings for scenes, better build up to the climax and better outcomes for all the characters  in the novel, and thanks to HTRYN, I have a process available to achieve that outcome.

I need patience while my edited draft is out with beta readers.

I need patience while waiting for replies to my query letters from both agents and publishers.

I have now found that publicising ebooks also requires patience.

I need patience to get the blurb and cover created before creating a ebook.

I need patience waiting for beta readers to write reviews.

I need patience waiting for the ebooks to get onto the premium list at Smashwords for distribution to other ebook distributors.

I need patience waiting for readers to find and download my ebooks.

I need patience waiting for reviews on the distribution sites.

The rewards will come. In my case, I now have reports on my first free short sifi Fire Starter.  It has been downloaded 248 times from Smashwords, 792 times from Barnes & Noble, 1 download from Apple (need to find out if something is wrong with layout on Apple) and 18 times from Kobo. Total of 1059 downloads. I am still waiting for reports from Sony and Diesel. The story has not been distributed to Amazon yet.

It has also been linked to 8 member libraries on Smashwords.

It has received reviews from two readers, and I thank both for taking the time to write the reviews.

There are seven secrets to ebook publishing success and patience is only one.  If you want to learn all of the secrets read Mark Coker’s blog.

I am off to write another scene of my next novel while I wait for my first novel length ebook to get distributed to Amazon and other sites, and wait for beta readers to finish reading my second ebook and wait for more reports from the distributors.

What do you do while you are waiting? Market your ebook? Create your next novel? Take time off for a well deserved holiday?


8 comments so far

  1. Angela/Curiocat on

    Diane, when patience was named as a virtue, whoever did it wasn’t kidding.

    I’m interested in those stats. Is there any way to tell if it generates traffic on your ebooks?

    • djmills on

      Which stats, my download count or Smashwords powerpoint presentation (the link to Mark Coker’s Smashwords blog)?

  2. Angela/Curiocat on

    Oh, I guess Smashwords. I’m just curious if you can tell from any stats you have if your free short story generates traffic for the books you are selling.

    • djmills on

      I only know if the readers tell me they picked up the book after reading the short story.

  3. Jane on

    Congratulations on so many downloads for Firestarter! That’s excellent news.

    I couldn’t agree more with your comments on needing patience. I don’t think any of us have as much as we need in this business 🙂

    • djmills on

      Thanks. 🙂

  4. Texanne on

    You have my admiration. About half of what you said means nothing to me. I am soooo behind this curve! You and your machete are exploring this jungle for the likes of me. I appreciate it. Onward.

    • djmills on

      Thanks, Tex. The more I learn the less surprised I am that author’s have put up with this current publishing industry as long as they have. No other industry would tolerate the low pay for the hours worked. 🙂

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