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One Definition of Flaws

I mentioned in the comments of a previous blog that I was having difficulty accepting that flaws were characteristics so did some research on the internet to try to understand the word ‘flaws’.
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How do I select reviewers?

Imagine you have spent anywhere from three months to a few years writing a 80K + word novel in a genre you love.

Now you need critiques or reviews, or both.

You can contact other writers you know and ask kindly if they would like to critique your book, detailing the genre, length and any other relevant information, like series number and ideal reader.
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Clear concise steps for e-publishing

I just read Dean Wesley Smith’s blog and was impressed with the clear concise steps required to e-publish novels.

It is the same steps I took to publish on Smashwords. However, I have not taken the steps to put my stories up on Amazon or Publit yet, for a number of reasons, but mainly because I live outside the USA. Continue reading

Top Fiction Sales in 2009

I downloaded the 2009 list of top selling fiction from Publishers Weekly and displayed it in a spreadsheet, under the headings of Fiction Title, Author, Publisher, Number Sold and Genre. Continue reading