One Definition of Flaws

I mentioned in the comments of a previous blog that I was having difficulty accepting that flaws were characteristics so did some research on the internet to try to understand the word ‘flaws’.

First I looked at Myers-Briggs grouping of characteristics to doublecheck my understanding of the sixteen different types.
If you have the time, you can click on each of the sixteen different types and read what each represents. I do not think any one of these characteristics are flaws. There may be characteristics that you personally don’t like but they are not flaws.

I also study scriptwriting and received an email from on his latest explanation to creating Great Protagonists that has a good explanation of Flaws.

Watch the three videos. I took notes for future reference. It does not cost anything to register and you can watch each of the video for a clear explanation of flaws.

They are either external or internal (think baggage after a bad experience) and can suppress normal characteristics.

Let me know what you think? Good explanation or not?


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  1. Texanne on

    Very interesting videos. It’s great when someone articulates the skeletons the way he did. Even when the material is already known, it becomes more accessible because it has been spoken in an orderly way. :)TX

    • djmills on

      Thanks, Tex, I agree. It also ties in with Management theories and practices. And makes more sense then saying flaws are characteristics that a percent of the population don’t like. That percentage changes from group to group of the population, and Myers-Briggs says there are 16 groups. Personally, I like the idea that it is an inhibitor stopping a characteristic from working, like life baggage. 🙂
      I also got help from other articles on his site.

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