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Holiday Greetings

I hope all of you have a wonderful safe holiday season, no matter your beliefs, and look forward to blogging with you again in January, 2011.

I will leave you with a recycled poem I wrote years ago. I deleted some verses due to their repetitiveness.


Holiday Season by D J Cornwell

There are three hundred and sixty days
We can put our mind to finding ways
Of locating presents and gifts
For loved ones, friends, near and missed.

Why is it most use the last moment
To hustle, rush and generally torment,
Try to locate and purchase the most
Useless object for someone who’s close?

It’s a frenzy of driving fast
Meeting impossible timeframes, leaving last
And rushing each friend visited
So the routine can be repeated.

Boxing Day is to catch up on sleep
But mostly just lying in a heap
Wondering why they went into debt
So they could stay with the fashion set.

Wouldn’t it be better to take the whole year
To visit with friends both near and dear
To find out what they want the most
And gift freely without the need to boast?

Have a wonderful holiday. 🙂

What to look for in Critiques

I wrote an blog on 21st November 2010 wondering how to select reviewers, because I was confused after receiving a critique from a reviewer, not a review.

I analysed the problem a bit more and have come up with a breakdown of reviews and critiques that help me. Hope it helps you, too. Continue reading

Introduction to Smashwords

Smashwords is leading the way to publish ebooks, and it is the way I chose to get my stories onto the internet so others can enjoy them as much as I do.

Mark Coker has created a presentation on Introducing Smashwords and even if you are not ready to put your own novels up on Smashwords yet it is well worth taking the time to watch. You can click the links inside the presentation for further information on getting published the Indie way.

For all you NaNoWriMo authors who succeeded in typing The End on 30th November, there is an area on Smashwords to record your word count, and if you didn’t participate this year, there is always next year.

Keep writing.