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Stepping Up My Writing Output

I am amazed at the output of professional writers, and used to think I could not write full time or even part time so only write for an hour or two, three or four days each week.

But … after following Dean Wesley Smith’s blog for over a year, I am beginning to think differently. Continue reading

Creating Covers for eBooks

Now I am creating covers for my stories before I upload to Smashwords I need to learn more about photo manipulation, so I downloaded and tested a free program called GIMP over the holidays to compare with Adobe Photoshop Elements and Corel Paint Essentials. Continue reading

Breaking writing rules

I purchased three of the latest books of L E Modesitt, Jr just before Xmas from in England with free postage to Australia. The price was cheaper than the cost of second hand books available in Australia. Continue reading

Welcome to 2011!

If, like me, you have been following the eBook growth over the past few years, you should read Mark Coker’s predictions for 2011.

Then check out Dean Wesley Smith’s take on Mark’s predictions. Also read all the comments. There are some gems of information scattered throughout the comments. In case you missed it, one commenter has clear instructions to get your ebook on Kindle. You will find it here.

Still with me? Good. Continue reading