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Writing Fast

Last blog I talked about writing more stories to practice the art of storytelling, but writing fast does not mean typing fast, even though I can type fast.

As Dean Wesley Smith said, type slow, but spend more hours writing.

Produce more stories.

Why? Continue reading

How much time do you spend writing?

I have a friend who used to travel the world playing the piano. He practiced every day, even after he turned professional. He is also the only person I know who has a baby grand piano in his lounge room, although I am sure many other piano players do. Continue reading

Short Story and Novella Series

Now that short story ebooks are selling well, and after reading Dean Wesley Smith made a new year resolution to write 100 short stories this year, I decided to look into the short story market. Continue reading

My Take on Writing Rules

I spent the week editing a YA Science Fiction novel I wrote during HTTS and finished the revision Friday afternoon. Yeah!

I took some time to read a few blogs I follow, and after I read Levi Montgomery’s blog, The Writ Rants, I got to thinking about writing rules. I think he has a wonderful sense of humour, and I agree with him about questioning everything instead of blindly following someone else’s rules. Continue reading

Important Parts of Covers

On a previous blog I commented on studying the best seller list  of fiction and non-fiction novels for 2009 and wondered why some of the titles in the fiction novel list included the words “A Novel”.

My thought process at the time wondered why there was “dirty data” and why the data was not cleaned up to Third Normal Form. These thoughts relate to my programming days, where data had to be cleaned for storage in a database. In other words, redundant data was a waste of storage space. Continue reading