Revising My Latest First Draft

What a week! I was all set to work through the revision without any distractions, but that did not happen.

First, I had to sort out my not paying to replace half of the back boundary fence because the back owners built the new fence on their land. By law, in Queensland, if it is 2cm off the boundary it is not a boundary fence, and the gap they left was 30cm one end of the fence running down to 4cm the other end, I think I won that argument. They can not say they did not know where the boundary was, because they pulled down the old wooden paling fence which was attached to the retaining wall.

Also note, by law, if the property sells, the new owners can charge me half the cost to put up a new boundary fence on the boundary and by law, I have to pay. I refuse to pay twice for some one else’s mistake.

I did what I needed, took photos of the fence line, noting the three gaps, and the distance from the boundary to the actual new fence and copied the photos to different hard drives ready to print out for a court case if they are foolish enough to try that.

I was even honest in advising that I had worked for a legal firm, and had legal council before I wrote the letter advising I was not going to pay for my portion of the fence. The letter will also be produced if they push for a court case. I was even honest when I advised that it would cost them between $2000 and $3000 if they go to court because they will lose and will have to pay the costs.

What more could I do?

All that happened over the last two weeks.

This week they tried to come onto my land to fix two of the gaps, under the square panels on the slope. I ignored the ringing doorbell. Then someone fixed the two gaps under the fence from their side of the new fence and dropped another invoice into my mail box.

I wrote a second letter, this time to the fencing company that left the invoice and attached a copy of the previous letter. I thought that would be the end of it.

No. I had a phone call from the project manager at the real estate that manages the back property, advising they needed to enter my property to fix the third gap. The third gap was a 30cm gap between the back property and their side neighbour. Nothing to do with me, except that any fix would attach to the corner post of my side fence which they could get to from the side neighbour’s property.

I asked what was wrong with going onto their side neighbour’s property to fix the gap, but she advised they were going to bill me for filling in the gap they left when they pulled down the old fence and built the new fence. Note this gap is not on my land, it is between the property behind me and their side neighbour.

I advised that they could not use my land to fix their side neighbour’s land, they could either pull down a portion of their new fence to access the gap behind their new fence or enter their side neighbour’s property.

I sincerely hope that is the end of it. I am just not prepared to pay for their incompetence.

But, after being interrupted for all that while trying to do the revision, I was not in a happy mood. So when I had one phone call telling me the caller was from Microsoft Technical division and they noted my computer was getting errors, I had enough.

I calmly answered, “Would you mind waiting while I use my other phone to call the police so they can trace this call?”

There was a click on the phone from them hanging up. I never got a chance to tell them that I was trained and qualified by Microsoft and  used to get paid to fix the same errors on all the computers in the department where I worked and that Microsoft never phoned customers with regards to errors.

Two days later I got another call from the same scammers. I was more abrupt. I said, “I know you are a scammer, and you know you are a scammer and I will now ask the police to trace this call.” There was a audible click as they hung up.

But when I got the third call the next day, this time a female, with the same scam, you know, from Microsoft, errors on my computer, I might have gone too far. I yelled into the phone along the lines of “YOU ARE A F**KING SCAMMER, SO F**K OFF.” She hung up. I guess those words translate into all languages, even Asian languages. I am also sure most in my neighbourhood heard it too.

I took a few hours to calm down before I could continue working through my revision. I decided I had my fill of fools and I would be left alone.

Then my analogue television died during the week. I decided I did not need a new TV and ignored it to keep working through the revision, until my friend mentioned the state election coming up at the end of this year or early next year.

I live for the night of each state and federal election so I can watch how the public is voting. It tells me lots about the public. Whether they believe the lies, whether they use their brains to think of the problems and the solutions that will work, and the solutions that will not work even if the country had the money to put the solutions in place.

I suggested I could follow the election count on the computer, but she said I would not read the body language of the politicians on the computer. Also, the two of us prepare each time with dips and chips, hot finger food and wine and spirits, and I finally realised our fun evenings would stop if I did not replace the television.

I would rather have a tooth pulled at the dentist instead of spending a day shopping, but prepared for the event by researching new TVs on the computer and discovered there are no analogue TV’s for sale any more. Finally I spent most of Friday driving around the area looking for the brand and size of a digital TV I decided on. I found one but they only had the display TV. I had to drive the same distance in the opposite direction to collect a boxed TV at a different store. I missed lunch and was exhausted when I got home around 5:00pm.

I than had to figure out how to get the old set out of the display cupboard without it landing on my feet, so used a low table and slid it across, then dragged the low table away from the cabinet. I tried to drop it into the wheelbarrow but the set was too big to lift up 4 inches to get into the barrow. I then got the trolley out of the shed and eventually got the old dead TV onto the trolley and wheeled it out to wait for the next curbside collection.

Back to the new digital television. I even read the manual before I set up the new light weight monitor/TV but discovered I could not connect it to my surround sound system. Apparently digital does not connect to old surround sound systems.

I eventually solved the sound problem (it sounded like it was coming from the bottom of a deep well) by attaching two computer speakers to the headphone outlet.

Now I have a set top box that works well but unable to use it. I will probably put it with my useless 35mm camera and 78rpm records.

Back to my writing. 🙂

From what happened you would think I never got any revising done this week. I did.

For those of you who have completed both HTTS and HTRYN, you will understand the process I am talking about when I say I am revising my draft, but I have changed it slightly. Yes, the dreaded 1B worksheets. If it works OK I will discuss the changes to the process in another blog

Also, a  couple of links for keeping up to date with print publishers.

Understand the problem with receiving royalties from print publishers for ebook sales on Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s blog.  The same argument works with printed book sales but Kristine does not talk about that.

Answers to the silly arguments by those who do not like the change to ebooks on J A Konrath’s blog.

For those of you who are indie publishers, a good article on Dean Wesley Smith’s blog about getting your POD books into bookstores. Best of all, read the comments in the past few blog posts because there is a lot of information in them that is not discussed anywhere else.

Hope your week went better than mine.


4 comments so far

  1. Lisa on

    Crumbs, Diane, you’ve had a tough week.
    I hope it all sorts itself out and you can concentrate on more important things like having fun and writing.

    • djmills on

      Thanks. 🙂 For a while, I thought the universe was conspiring against me, but it seems to have settled down again.
      Back to the revision now. 🙂

  2. Angela/Curiocat on

    Wow, Diane. You’re a strong woman. So sorry you’ve had to put up with such nonsense but you’re hanging in there. When so many things go wrong it can send the muse into hiding but it sounds like you’ve got it all under control. Bless your heart.

    • djmills on

      Thanks. Well, the annoying thing was it slowed down my editing attempts, but hopefully, I can continue editing this week without too many interruptions. As for the telephone scam people, hopefully, they will give up soon. Not sure if they are targeting Australia because so many Australians are gullible enough to give their passwords to the scammers, or if they are targeting everyone around the world. I just have to remember not to get emotionally involved.

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