Still Revising

I had a quiet week, thankfully, and finished reading through my latest first draft.

I managed to get notes on 67 changes that need to be typed in, not including adding description, spelling mistakes, typos, checking ‘to be’ verbs, repeat words, etc.

I started the type in on Friday and got 16 changes done before evening turned into night so I stopped.

Hopefully, I will get the rest done next week.

Other interesting items to note this week are I wrote one more letter to the fencing contractor after he phoned and told me if I did not pay for my portion of the newly erected fence on the neighbour’s land, he would pull down part of the fence equal to the amount I was not paying to cover his expenses, because the neighbour’s refused to cover the difference. I do not expect to hear from him again after he reads my letter, but then I also thought that after my previous letter stating the law regarding boundary fences.

The link I listed for Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s blog last week has further developments in the under reporting of sales of ebooks. My comment that the same problems could rise in print books when the publishers use a formula instead of sales figures to pay authors, seems to be coming true, by some of the comments relating to her article of last week.

Read her update blog here.  Also read the comments if you need to learn anything about accounting and auditing practices.

The more I hear, the more I realise my decision to epublish was the correct decision for my science fiction novels.

I also formatted the short story and the YA story for Amazon and need to upload this coming week. If all goes smoothly, I will format my Sci-Fi novels for Amazon, redo the covers to show series order, and get them onto Amazon, either before or after I finish the revision of the third in the series.

Of course, I still have to create the cover for the third, but have not bothered to think much about that these past few weeks.

How did your writing or revision go this week?


4 comments so far

  1. Texanne on

    My sympathies on the contractor troubles. Just wait till you have to have a new roof!

    I, too, think that e-pub is the way to go these days. Trad pub is just toooo slow, and who knows how they’re dividing up the beans? Same (accounting hijinks) could be said for e-pub, but probably at a much lower level, for the simple reason that, as of yet, there aren’t that many places to sell your work. I think we can do a pretty good job of keeping an eye on the half-dozen outlets there are–Amazon, Smashwords, etc.

    Your covers are terrific. How do you do that? :)TX

    • djmills on

      Thanks Tex. Hopefully, my roof stays where it belongs, and I won’t need a roofing contractor. 🙂 I certainly hope you never lost your roof during the twisters last week. I saw the distruction on the news.
      Thanks for liking the book covers. I read all I could about covers, than studied the market, both best seller and indie publisher, and worked out my own designs. I am still learning and improving. However, I learnt that you do not need people on the cover to sell scifi, mystery or thriller, but it helps for romance, erotica, etc. 🙂

  2. Angela/Curiocat on

    You’ve done a great job, Diane. Between you, DWS and KKR I’ve been convinced on the self pub front too. I’m working on the writing. It’s getting there.

    • djmills on

      Another author you should follow is Joe Konrath. His blog talks about what he earns, who he gets to do covers, proofread, etc. He discusses how to make your books get noticed, and more. One of the best blogs he wrote puts to bed all the arguments against going indie. If you have not already read it, here is the link. Most of it I worked out for myself before HTTS and HTRYN, which was one reason why I went indie. But, most importantly, he, along with DWS and KKR say use all avenues to publish your novels. 🙂 Fun times for writers.

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