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Chat Rooms

I should have been editing my novel or at least creating a cover for it, but, I needed a break so thought I would check out Forward Motion, a forum for writers.

I read the latest comments in the Indie sub directory, then accidentally clicked on Chat Rooms. Continue reading

Finished Edit

I finished editing Broken Agreement, Book III in the Broken series.

I created the cover and wrote a blurb and formatted for Smashwords.

What do you think? Continue reading

Understand the Publishing Industry

I am sure most of you have read lists of best selling authors that were rejected by multiple agents or publishers but when finally picked up by an agent or editor, went on to making bucket loads of money when each book was published, and/or made into a movie.

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Reader Attention

What makes you stop reading a book you started because you love the genre or loved the blurb?

I was reading blogs and clicked the link to the latest sci-fi book the blog author had just put up on Smashwords. The cover was OK, but I do not buy books based on the cover. I read the blurb and was interested. Sci-Fi and mystery. I love reading both of those genres. I looked at the word count. Yes, over 80K so it was long enough to dedicate time to reading. I looked at the price. Yes, under $5.00. Worth the investment. Continue reading