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More Thoughts on Indie Publishing

I stop working every year for 2 weeks to watch the tennis during Wimbleton. The TV coverage starts at 9:00 pm and continue to 4:00 am, unless it is an Aussie player then it will continue to 6:00 am. Not that that happens very often because, lets face it, Aussie players are few and far between in the tennis rankings these years. Continue reading

Indie Marketing

I was doing my Saturday reading of favourite blogs and found a link to Alan Rinzler, a Consulting Editor,  on Passive Guy’s blog.

The article is finally admitting what I worked out over 10 years ago. Continue reading

Studying the Sales of my Ebooks

While reading Dean Wesley Smith’s blog on 7th June where he asks for help in building an ebook tracking system based on the excel reports received from the distributors, I realised I should probably monitor when and where my ebooks sold to find patterns.
Continue reading

Next Cover Attempt

I had fun this week letting the computer read each scene, while I followed the text in the word doc.

One typed sentence was “He sat.” and the computer read it as “He Saturday.” Another sentence was “No.” and the computer read it as “Number.” Other than that, one word read “Le4ar” because my fingernail touched the “four” as I typed the “e”, and the computer read “Lefourar”. Continue reading