I Think I Have Twitter Figured Out

This morning I opened my Mozilla Firefox (internet browser) program, typed in Twitter.com and followed the instructions Holly gave us and signed up for Twitter.

I then had to jump between HTTS forum and Twitter to find and follow each graduate student who listed their Twitter user name.

After ninety minutes of trying to learn Twitter, I am now following 15 people and have 5 following me. I hope those I followed are all HTTS graduates, if not, random strangers will wonder who I am.

I then sent 3 tweets. They worked and I had a response from one person. Thanks Angela, much appreciated. At least I know it worked. 🙂

I needed to pay some bills and collect my mail from the post office so decided to have a break for an hour or two, but couldn’t find where to sign out, so just closed the internet browser.

After lunch I thought about incorporating Twitter into my daily life, and realised I only need to log in once a day, or once a week, not leave the browser open all day, distracting me from writing, or doing accounts, or whatever. I could set the timer for 15 minutes or 30 minutes, and when the alarm sounds, close Twitter.

I then added the twitter plug-in in both my blogs, and decided I needed to write the blog I missed at the weekend.  Had no idea what to write about, so left it alone.

I decided to tackle the site again half an hour ago, and, sure enough, when I opened the site, I was still logged in. However, there were no more tweets. I wondered what I did wrong until I realised everyone was either sleeping or at work, depending on where they lived in the world.

I finally found where I log out. Yeah! Then it dawned on me, write this blog about Twitter.

So, I learnt that I can learn new things, even if I do not understand how this program will help me market my books. Not yet, anyway. But I am beginning to see how I can keep in touch with other authors. That is a good thing.

Now, off to write the next scene in my new series, and I will catch you on Twitter later. 🙂


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  1. Angela/Curiocat on

    You’re welcome. Have you Tweetered some more yet? I haven’t been on Twitter all day. Somedays I admit I give it a miss. If you send a message put that @ before curiocat or whoever you want to converse with then twitter will flag me or whoever in our email that you’re on and wanting some conversation.

    I did download Tweetdeck which helps me keep up better. Tweetdeck keeps your Twitters and everyone else’s Twittering organized. I’m beginning to remember to get it up as soon as I log on to my computer. I do like it better than just logging onto Twitter.


    • D J Mills on

      Yes, I downloaded Tweetdeck and watched for a while. Still not made a decision if it can help me or not because I still have to get comfortable with my GTA first..
      Randy Ingermanson explained Locke’s General Target Audence (GTA) in detail in his July newsletter.

      • Angela/Curiocat on

        Ok. Thanks I’ll look the link up. I’m really liking Tweetdeck more. It’s so much easier to sort things out. I did finally figure how to reply to people on it. If I read the help section it would probably help. Lol.

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