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Fridays are now my eBook Education Days

I did my normal daily routine of reading the daily blogs I follow with a passion, sucking up the information to increase my knowledge on all things to do with ebook publishing.

First, I visited Dean Wesley Smith’s blog.

I studied the layout of his cover for his latest short story. Then I headed over to to search for the graphic he used. I found it and studied why he picked this graphic instead of many others in the same search results. Continue reading

Update on Writing and Life

My new glasses arrived last Tuesday and I could start writing again.

I revised the novelette, ended up at 11,800 words. I have 8,500 words done on the second novelette in the series, with only 2 or 3 scenes left to complete it. The next 3 stories in the series are planned, but due to some good ideas my muse gave me while writing, the next one or two may change somewhat. Continue reading

Checklist for Ebooks

I was getting my daily blog fix from The Passive Guy where he displayed an article by David Farland that explains his take on book covers. Continue reading