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My Cosy Mystery is Published

I had a busy few week, editing drafts, creating covers, planning new stories, and finishing current stories, all in a new series I am calling Galaxy Freight.

The stories are science fiction novelettes, all based on a female, Captain Alana Black, owner of the Galaxy Freight company, flying a spaceship around the outer fringes of human colonisation, light years from Earth.

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Thank you, Anne McCaffrey.

There is a numb spot in my heart where Anne McCaffrey used to reside.

No doubt like many others around the world, I fell in love with the characters in every book she wrote, even the romance stories. Continue reading

Tweeting Troubles Solved

Like a lot of the #htts group, I have tried to use twitter, but, unfortunately, I did not understand most of the comments.

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Tax Time Again

I hate doing tax for many reasons. No doubt, there are many better tax systems around the world, but in Australia, our tax system stinks.

Firstly, I do not like part of the money I earned during the past year going to a wasteful government, but I have no control over how they spend the tax they collect from me and all the other citizens. Continue reading