Tweeting Troubles Solved

Like a lot of the #htts group, I have tried to use twitter, but, unfortunately, I did not understand most of the comments.

Yes, I understand that one user is talking to another user, but if I am not following both users, the tweets are redundant.

Then, I clicked on a link on one user’s comment and found a wonderful blog that explains tweeting in a way I understand. It is called Tweetsmarter. And it is aptly named. I also clicked their link to follow them.

The blog that I totally agree with is here  and well worth reading. For those of you who are still learning Twitter, also read other blogs on the site to get a feel for good and bad tweets.

The link in the previous paragraph explains how to get retweets, what trending topics are, how to get clicks on your own blog, getting comments on your blog, response tweets, replies from key users, and if you are interested getting on the favourite leaderboard.

I agree that I do click on tweet links that look interesting. It is how I found the Tweetsmarter blog.

I don’t see the point of a trending topic, but it may come to me later. Or, if someone can explain it well enough I might see a use for writers.

Getting lots of clicks to my blog, and lots of comments does help spread the word that I write novels, and could help publicise my novels.

I agree that if a user asks a question, and I answer it for them, they should acknowledge my answering. The same goes for me acknowledging their answers. It is good manners.

I also agree with their comment not to follow or read every blog. Some are not useful, unless you are good friends. I see that every day, where users advise every bite of food that enters their mouth, or every action from rising in the morning to going to sleep at night. I have thought to unfollow them, but I have learnt to recognise the icon and ignore the comment.

Another user tweeted nothing but daily readings of those who follow star signs. I did remove the follow button on them.

I do agree that to get followers, you have to respond to their tweets, and retweet their good blogs or other links they provide. That too is manners, because if the link helps me, it will help others as well.

The other big thing is the time of day or night to tweet. There is a link on the above blog page that will take you to Win Friends and Influence People On Twitter in Just 5 Seconds.

It is interesting. It explains how to spread out your tweets over 24 hours, so your tweet is placed in front of more people, rather than getting lost in a flood of tweets.

I have noticed that when I get on Twitter, there are not many tweets from most of the #htts group, because they are asleep when I am awake. That is what happens when you live in Australia, always behind the times, or in twitter talk, the trends. If you have this problem, you can spread out your tweets over 24 hours, especially if there is a link back to your blog.

So, I now understand the workings of Twitter a little better, and will try to participate more.

Do you know other good “teaching me to use twitter” sites or tips on getting the most out of Twitter?

I am off to check out my followers, and maybe follow them. See you on Twitter.

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  1. Linda Adams on

    It’ll be helpful to either use HootSuite or TweetDeck to follow Tweets. Both have a “Show Conversation” feature that you can use to see the thread of the conversation. Plus you can put lists on different tabs and isolate tweets of different groups (i.e., HTTS).

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks for the tip. I will try and find “Show Conversation” on my TweetDeck software. 🙂 You can see I am still learning.

      • Rabia on

        I re-downloaded TweetDeck today. I’m still learning my way around it. I haven’t figured out how to search for people or hashtags on it yet.

      • D J Mills on

        Click the Plus sign to add a new column and the search window opens.

      • Rabia on


  2. Rabia on

    Thanks for those links! I’ve followed you on twitter. 🙂

    • D J Mills on

      OK, I will try to locate you and follow back. Hopefully! 🙂

  3. Angela/Curiocat on

    Twitter will send an email to advise if you’ve been tweeted or if you tweet someone so I don’t think that it should matter if you’re in Australia or not.

    You just reply when you can. I think most everyone understands people are not going to be on Twitter or in their email 24/7. Or at least I do and don’t expect replies right away.

    Also Tweetdeck keeps up with the latest tweets mentioning you and direct messaging so you know who has tweeted you.

    It’s true I haven’t been tweeting a lot recently for a variety of reasons but generally if I catch it in email I’ll try to respond when I can. 🙂

    • D J Mills on

      Have never received an email from Twitter. Have received one PM from another user of Twitter. Tweetdeck allows emailing replies along with a range of other options.
      What is the setting for Tweetdeck showing mentions?
      I am also busy at the moment learning Scrivener for Windows and trying to locate where Holly shows how she uses Scrivener demos.

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