My Cosy Mystery is Published

I had a busy few week, editing drafts, creating covers, planning new stories, and finishing current stories, all in a new series I am calling Galaxy Freight.

The stories are science fiction novelettes, all based on a female, Captain Alana Black, owner of the Galaxy Freight company, flying a spaceship around the outer fringes of human colonisation, light years from Earth.

Two are ready to check the format for Smashwords, the third is being edited, and the fourth is in the plotting stage.

I was planning to have at least four ready to upload to Smashwords within the next two weeks, ready for all the new ereader owners to purchase after Christmas. However, I may overrun my self-imposed deadline, so may only have three ready to go in two weeks.

I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by without my noticing.

In the meantime, I also finished editing Divided Loyalties, a Cosy Mystery Novelette I wrote earlier this year or late last year. I am so tired, I can’t remember exactly when the first draft was finished.

However, I made most of the changes suggested by my beta reader and uploaded  it to Smashwords tonight. I am waiting for it to be approved for distribution to the other sites.

I was impressed with how quickly Smashwords formatted the word document. Previously it has taken hours, but this time it only took five minutes, and already has 6 downloads. I am assuming the downloads are samples.

Next, I have to convert it to HTML and upload to Amazon. That will be a whole new experience for me.


When Private Investigator Daniel Robins accepts his first murder case near the sleepy country town of Casino in the north-east corner of New South Wales, he realises he is out of his depth so teams up with the local police to trade information.

With no clues discovered at the scene, he struggles to find a motive.

Even if he uncovers the motive, will it lead to the killer or killers?

You can check out Divided Loyalties at Smashwords



What do you think of the cover image? Too gruesome? Or is it suitable for a cosy mystery?


2 comments so far

  1. Angela on

    I like the cover. You’ve been busy, busy. Time has flown by this year. And wow, even if they’re only sample downloads six is pretty good to start off with. To me that sounds like mysteries are in demand. I’ll be interested to hear how it goes.

    • D J Mills on

      Glad you like the cover. I will be interested to see how it goes next year and compare it to the scifi stories.

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