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Writing Update

I have been busy writing the past few weeks, but I tried to find time to keep up with reading other blogs, if the articles were relevant to Indie publishing. I am getting quite good at ignoring both the articles and comments if it does not relate to Indie publishing. 🙂 Continue reading

Redesigning Broken Faith ebook Cover

After some more Photoshop Project attempts where I created a space scene from three different pictures, then created a planet from scratch, created new brushes, and practiced separating part of an image from the whole image, I played around with redesigning the cover for Broken Faith, based on my findings from researching eBook covers.  All fun! Continue reading

Creating eBook Covers: My Examples

For my first cover I used a single photo

Title Fire Starter
Author Diane J Cornwell
Genre Science Fiction
Sub Genre Adventure
Series Standalone
Length Short Story (6152 words / 24 pages)
Quotes None

I searched for photos of flames and found three or four that could be used. I settled on the clearest photo. Continue reading