Writing Update

I have been busy writing the past few weeks, but I tried to find time to keep up with reading other blogs, if the articles were relevant to Indie publishing. I am getting quite good at ignoring both the articles and comments if it does not relate to Indie publishing. 🙂

I finished the first draft of Galaxy Freight #4 and plotted Galaxy Freight #5. I need to up-the-anti in a few scenes before I write the story. I also need to plan what to draw for the cover of #4 and #5.

Juggling time between writing and creating covers, I am also following the meltdown of our government (I am fascinated with the manipulation of the political parties in Australia, having witnessed it up close when I worked in different state government departments).

I have other story ideas I am planning, along with fitting in the household chores, but it all takes time away from writing. Hopefully I can get the lawn mowed this afternoon if the rain would just stop long enough, then I can knuckle down and write all week long.

Some links that follow on from my book cover findings are:

Cover Design is Key

Cover Design: A tutorial and a Few Recommendations

Also contract clauses you must know about before signing anything related to publishing your stories, whether Indie or traditional:

Competition Constraints in Contracts

The Business Rusch: Competition

And all contract articles on Passive Guy’s blog 

Also read the comments of the three above links for more information.

I did spend some time playing with graphics. Another writer mentioned he was playing with DAZStudio3 to create covers for his stories, so I downloaded the free (I think 30 days) trial program. Of course, it did not display the body that is needed to add the hair, face, clothes, tools, etc, and the help pages did not explain how to get the body displayed, so I could not trial it at all. Instead of trying to solve the problem, I removed the software, because it would be quicker for me to draw the character and scan into Photoshop or GIMP and colour it there.

If I feel like trying again later, I can reinstall it, but at this stage, I would rather play with it for longer than 30 days so will look for freeware or shareware that is similar.

If you know of other programs similar to DAZStudio3 that I can check out that builds characters, backgrounds, and allows moving the character into other poses, please let me know in the comments.

When I have time, I will Google for other programs, but any suggestions are welcome.

How is your writing going?


4 comments so far

  1. Angela/Curiocat on

    Thx for the links, Diane. Here’s another link recommended by passive guy, I think:


    For a man who says he has no visual creativity he has done some pretty good creating.

    Writing is going ok. Not as much as I would like. I’m working on a story tentatively called Revenge of the Toothfairy. :-). It’s not nice to cross the toothfairy. :O

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks for the link, I bookmarked it. My problem is finding the pictures on Dreamstime in the first place. I searched for all his covers but, so far, have not located any. I then tried “fantasy” and discovered a lot of science fiction images so will bookmark the illustrators who created them and search on each artist for more images.

  2. E.K. Carmel on

    Wow – thanks for those links on the contract garbage writers have to watch out for! I’m so glad we have more choices in publishing now. At this point I am leaning heavily in favor or indie-pubbing. I loathe that publishing empires can stack the deck against the little lone writer in dozens of ways.

    I’m still writing the climax scenes in my WIP and soooo want to finish it. But, after a dry spell, my Muse dumped a bunch of stuff in my lap and I’m still trying to sort it out and see what works.

    • D J Mills on

      Good for you, almost finished. Almost time to celebrate! 🙂

      Both traditional and indie distributers are businesses (tools) writers use to get their stories in front of readers, nothing more or less. The fees each business charges the writer are different, and the writer has to decide which fee structure is acceptable. I will continue to indie publish (Smashwords, Amazon, Create Space, etc) my stories, and if ever a publisher approaches me about a print run or a movie producer approaches me about buying options on my stories, I will already be educated as to the clauses to watch out for and the other hidden traps before I make an educated decision. Knowledge is power!

      What is exciting is writers now have all these choices!

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