WordPress Update on Annoying Message

I discovered that WordPress did make a change to their blog processes.

Each human may have more than one free WordPress blog, but each blog must have a unique username and password.

From WordPress about E-mail

No Sharing

Early on, WordPress.com allowed users to create several user accounts using the same email address. This created several problems with account management, so we had to make changes and require each user account to use a unique email address. Accounts may not share addresses.

The single sign-on method is perfect unless you require separate accounts for some reason. In that case, you’re welcome to keep separate accounts. Each account should have its own email address.

There is a trick that works with Gmail (and possibly other email providers) to let you use one email address as though it were several different addresses. Gmail lets you add “+something” to your mailbox name and still get your mail. For example, joe@gmail.com and joe+wordpress@gmail.com and joe+secretblog@gmail.com each look like different addresses to our system but they all route mail to the same inbox: joe@gmail.com.

Issues Changing your E-mail Address

If you attempt to change the e-mail address in your Personal Settings and find that it never sticks after saving the changes, the issue is quite simple. The e-mail address you are attempting to use is probably associated with another WordPress.com account. Because the e-mail address is the unique identifier of all users, each address can only be associated with one WordPress.com account. Thus, if you attempt to change it, it will not allow you to do so.

The remedy is just as simple. You must log in to the account currently holding your desired e-mail address and change it to something else. This will allow you to free up the e-mail address that you want to use. Once the address is free to use, log in to your primary account and change the e-mail address in your user profile (what you were originally trying to do). Do not be shocked if it takes a little while for the address to completely free itself up.

If you requested the change but did not receive the e-mail confirmation to finalize it (or the confirmation did not work), please contact support.

I tried to get help by contacting support but they have so many requests since they made the change of each username using a unique email address, they decided to only help the paying WordPress users until they fixed all their requests. I agree with them. Keep paying customers happy first. Worry about free accounts later.

As I use free WordPress blogs, I was on my own.

So I read some more and figured out steps to change and wrote a PowerPoint step guide. Yes, I do things like that when I am not sure of what I am doing and start experimenting. This way it is easier to back out when I completely stuff it up, as I learned on many previous occasions of trying to fix something on my computer.

Step 1:

I changed the email address in my pen name blog in Settings => General and saved.

Step 2:

I changed the email address in my writer blog in Settings => General and saved.

So far, so good. I logged out of both and logged back in. They both showed the updated email addresses.

I tested on another blog by commenting, but still received the message that I had to log into WordPress before my comment would be allowed.

I read some more and located another place where the email address had to be adjusted, in Users => Personal Settings.

Step 3:

I logged into my pen name blog and found Users => Personal Settings. I changed the email address to the same as in Settings => General and clicked saved.

A message came up advising an email was sent to me for confirmation of change to email address.

Step 4:

I received the email and clicked the link.

Nothing happened.

I repeatedly clicked the link but only succeeded in opening an equal number of tabs in Firefox all landing on the home page of WordPress. Not helpful, so I closed all of them.

I went and had a coffee and thought about why nothing happened. Brainwave. Check cookies! They were disabled for WordPress.

I changed the cookie setting for WordPress.com to allow. And tried step 3 again. And received another email asking for verification.

I verified again in Step 4 and this time it worked.

I logged out of my pen name account and reopened it and it still showed the updated email address. Success!

Step 5:

I logged out of the pen name blog again, and logged into my writer blog and changed the email to the deleted email removed from the pen name account and saved.

Step 6:

I verified that change and WordPress accepted the change.

I tested by commenting on two other sites and the comments were saved without receiving the annoying message to sign into WordPress before commenting.

So, if you have more than one WordPress blog, and are getting the annoying message to log into WordPress, or Facebook or Twitter before leaving comments on other blogs, you can try the above steps to solve the problem. Good luck.

Now back to editing. 🙂


4 comments so far

  1. imotherofpearl on

    Very helpful posts for the more technically ignorant among us! Thanks Diane.

    • D J Mills on

      You are welcome! 🙂 I am just pleased I can comment on everyone’s blogs again. Oh, I just remembered to change back the setting for comment author to enter name and email address.

  2. Angela/Curiocat on

    Hey, Diane.

    When you say you changed the email address, what do you mean? Did you use another you already had or did you make up one? Thanks for your help.

    • D J Mills on

      The first email address was changed the same year I opened my WordPress account but I only changed it in one spot. The second WordPress account (pen name) used the new address. Then WordPress changed their policy to only one blog for each email account. The email details are unique for each client of WordPress now and trackable.

      So, to fix the current comment message problem, I moved the new writer address from the penname blog to the first blog (DJMills), and entered my penname email address (already owned) into the penname blog. And checked both data areas on both blogs so that the info was the same in both spots on each blog. Problem solved, as the comment message disappeared.

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