Formatting for CreateSpace

My dictionary says the word procrastination means to put off until later; to postpone; to delay. It does not mean lazy, but I felt guilty because for the past two weeks I was very busy doing anything except editing my last novelette.

I just did not feel like editing.  I needed a break, or that is what I told myself.

I forced myself to edit one scene, then I knitted a pair of socks. I edited a second scene, and knitted a second pair of socks. I worked this way each day, managing a few scenes a day for a week.

I crocheted a beanie for myself.  The socks keep my feet warm, and the beanie keeps  my ears warm. I thought about crocheting a pair of gloves but decided I could not use the mouse while wearing gloves, so packed the wool away.

I also crocheted a beanie for my sister and will post it tomorrow.

In case you missed it, the east coast of Australia has been subject to cold, cold winds for the past few weeks. And this winter came early and is colder than other June, since I moved here. And the weatherman announced tonight that I can expect gale force winds tomorrow. Great. Another day coming up where my hands are too cold to type.

However, I managed to plot a second Private Investigator Robbins story, and am working on the plot for my sixth Galaxy Freight novelette.

I also spent a few hours each afternoon lying on a sunlit lounge reading Agatha Christie stories (my mother gave me her Christie collection) until the sun disappeared behind the hill and the temperature dropped again.

Thankfully, Friday was warmer than the previous days, and I finished editing the novelette. I will put it aside for a few days and give it one last read through.

Today, I formatted Jazz’s Asteroid for Createspace in Word and saved as a pdf file. I followed the process used by Kelly, CreateSpace Step-By-Step guide and crosschecked what I was doing in an article on formatting your book with OpenOffice.

I selected 6 x 9 inch size, because both articles recommended that. I will note that my paperback collection includes 103 x 181 mm (4 inches wide and 7 inches high) or 103 x 173 mm (6.75 inches high). I do not have any 6 inches wide by 9 inches high books on my shelves. It crossed my mind that I may have to format a 6 x 9 inch pdf for Createspace in USA and format a 4 x 7 inch pdf for UK and Australia.

I will look at the file again in a few days time. I may find other slight errors that need fixing. It was fun formatting odd and even pages, odd and even headers, working out the margins, gutter, removing widows and orphans, etc. I ended up using 1.5 line spacing, because single line spacing just looked too crowded and double line spacing looked like I was making the story look longer than it actually was.

I did not use block first paragraph of each chapter and indent for the rest. I just used indent for all the paragraphs.

I will check out some YA stories at the local library (when it gets warmer) and see whether they double space or not, because the YA stories I have here are all very old prints and I assume publishers have changed their layout over time.

I will also locate and read through what Dean Wesley Smith said in his Think Like a Publisher articles on formatting for POD. I might locate the difference between paperback and trade paperback covers.

Hopefully, I will run the reverse cycle aircon tomorrow and spend the day creating covers for three Galaxy Freight stories and the PI Robins next story, and see what other covers I can come up with for future stories. And I still have to redesign the cover for Jazz’s Asteroid to include a back and spine, but I can do that in Photoshop, based on the ebook cover.

Have you formatted novels for Createspace? Did you use double line spacing, or something else? What margin settings did you use? What size are the paperbacks you purchased?


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  1. curiocat on

    Diane, you’re getting the work done inch by inch. It doesn’t sound like procrastination to me, just that you might not be working as fast as you like.

    I don’t know which is worse: extreme hot weather or cold. I think hot because there’s only so much you can take off to get cool whereas with cold you can pile on as much as necessary.

    I’m here at my daughter’s house in Maryland. No air conditioning in most of her rooms. Of course it’s 100 degree weather. Oy. I’d take one or two of those cold winds right now. Lol. I hope it warms up soon for you.

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks, I need to learn not to be too hard on myself when my deadlines pass without completing the work I allocated to be done.

      The gale force winds didn’t happen (so far) today, so lovely winter weather up until about 4:00 pm. I closed up and turned the aircon on a few minutes ago, to take the chill off. 🙂

      I think I prefer Autumn (Fall) and Spring where the weather is more moderate. Or, it could be I am just getting old. 🙂

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