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Attracting Readers by Good Blurb Writing

The main parts of attracting readers to my fiction eBooks include an attractive cover, great title, clearly enticing blurb, low cost and perfectly edited sample.

If all these variables are good enough to attract each reader then the odds are stacked in my favour of their purchasing my story, and hopefully, if I have written a well crafted story, they will write a review to attract other readers. Continue reading

Preparing for POD

Three posts back I wrote about my first attempt to prepare Jazz’s Asteroid for POD publishing through CreateSpace.

I used MS Word and followed the suggestions of Catherine, Caffeinated blog and A Step-By-Step Guide to formatting your Book’s Interior and compiled for Adobe PDF. I studied the results. And repeated when I found more errors in layout or editing.

There are many more documents on different areas of preparing for POD here. Continue reading