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I have now settled into my new home, with only a few boxes still to unpack. Of course, I find I have to look in two or three different places to find anything, but, that should soon pass as I get familiar with the new layout.

My office is set up and I have internet connection again. I had enough room for my art table in the office with the two desks and computers, so everything is on hand, whether I am writing, designing covers, or formatting books.

I was pleased to find a local writer group and will attend their meeting tomorrow afternoon. It will be fun to learn if any other writers in the area are publishing ebooks.

It is now time to get back into the routine of writing in the mornings because I am hoping I can finish Galaxy Freight 6 first draft by the end of the month. After that, start my second cosy mystery, already plotted, and plot a few stories that are floating around in my head. Full steam ahead.

Today I was catching up on what is happening on the internet when my Firefox program decided to crash about one minute after opening. I opened it again and it crashed again. So, after some research and suggested fixes that did not work, I have now loaded Google Chrome onto my laptop. It was either that or return to Internet Explorer. I was also thinking I could write the code for my own explorer if Chrome was not suitable, but thankfully, it works well, and even imported all my bookmarked sites stored in Firefox.

So, some topics of interest.

Dean Wesley Smith revisited pricing.

More examples of book covers on the Book Designer blog.
I was pleased to see illustrations and pulp fiction style included in the list.

A good article on creating a new pen name for ebooks already published.

Hope you are all finding words for your stories, and feel free to update me on any good articles or blogs I may have missed in the past three weeks that relate to ebooks, formatting, covers, or publishing.

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  1. Angela on

    Hey, Diane. It’s good to hear from you and that you’re moved into your new home. How are you liking it so far?

    I use Google Chrome and like it much better than Explorer. Even when I get a new computer I plan to download Chrome on it.

    I think we read the same blogs like KKR, DWS and PV so I don’t think I have anything to offer you don’t already know about. I did see the book design awards and thought the ones who won were very good.

    • D J Mills on

      Settling in OK, thanks. I love the kitchen, old fashioned with plenty of cupboards. But I have to open two or three cupboard doors before I find what I am looking for. 🙂 Also like the electric oven now I know how to work it. The bread has a nice crust on it and lovely to eat straight out of the oven, still hot. 🙂 I even made a new potholder and oven mitt from material scraps to match the colour scheme of the kitchen.

      • Angela on

        Oh, wow. That sounds great and the bread delish.

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