Galaxy Freight 6 Draft Completed

It is now nine weeks since I moved house, and I have finally finished Galaxy Freight 6. I mostly tied up all the loose ends left hanging in the first five Galaxy Freight stories but left the story arc open for further adventures by Captain Black, her personality swapping android Sam and the space craft artificial intelligence.

I had planned the story to be complete in 15K words, but ended up with just over 18K words. I also planned on publishing the story at the end of September. I really did not take into account the disruptions of moving house and settling in the new place. But, as I plan on remaining here until I  go into an aged care facility (or die) I should not have to go through moving house again.

Next week I will do a last read through, before formatting for the ebooks sites.

Now comes the difficult part. Get a title that suits the story. So far, nothing comes to mind, but if I work on a cover and blurb for the rest of the week, some inspiration may suddenly appear. I mean, I can’t use Caught the Baddies on the Space Station, or anything like that.  Far too long for a title.

Now I need to locate the plot for my second detective story, so I can start the story tomorrow.

Oh, I must share this. I had the best review on Smashwords this week for Broken Faith. It made me laugh. Thank you, Prudence MacLeod. If you want to check it out, click here.

Less than two months to go until the new year begins. I guess it is time to work out what I plan to write and publish for the next 12 months and review what I achieved this year. Let’s hope I can produce more words/ebooks next year than I did for this year.

I booked two online courses in January with Dean Wesley Smith, and can’t wait to learn all about  covers and POD layouts. I also hope learning these areas will improve my covers in the future. Fun and games await!

I hope everyone is having fun this month, writing and publishing ebooks, or working through NaNoWrMo.


2 comments so far

  1. Angela on

    Congrats on your great reviews!

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks, I loved the one about not putting the book down. 🙂

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