2012 in Review

My year in review or what I learnt in the last twelve months.

One good review lifts my spirits for months and removes self doubt

Each sale of my stories reaffirms my decision to self publish

Write what I want to read, and trust there are readers out there who will enjoy the same stories

Even if I am unhappy with a story, finish the first draft, because doing the revision will improve the story

Keep writing and my muse will eventually arrive to join in the fun of discovering the next scene

I can’t publish stories if I do not write them

If I make my covers too similar to other stories in the same genre, they will not stand out

Recognise areas in my writing that need improving so I can improve the next story

I do not need to read every writing blog on the internet before I write my daily word count

I can work on more than one project in the planning stage and my muse will show up and make suggestions

Ask my characters what they would do if I can’t figure out the action required to move the story forward

It is best to only write one story at a time, allowing me to easily slip into the mindset of my Point of View character at the start of each writing session

Take paid courses in the areas I wish to improve if I can not find free advice on the internet

Always look for free software and test it before I purchase software that is recommended by other writers

Count on the fact that it will take longer to settle into a writing routine than whatever time frame I planned for, before the move

Hope you completed all your planned projects for 2012 and, like me, look forward to learning new techniques and starting new projects in 2013.


2 comments so far

  1. Angela on

    There weren’t too many goals I set for 2012 but surprisingly more were reached than I thought would be.

    I like the fact you are able to keep writing despite your self doubt. It takes a special kind of strength to overcome negative thoughts and succeed. Way to go!

    • D J Mills on

      Glad to hear you reached your goals in 2012. Now the fun part, setting goals for 2013. 🙂

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