WMG Publishing Online Workshops on POD Covers and Interiors

Back in July, 2012, I blogged about preparing for POD, and learning layout, cover design and elements. I enrolled to take both Covers and Interiors online workshops with WMG Publishing and have completed the courses. I now realise I knew very little about the process before starting the two courses and have I learnt a lot about POD layout since then!

Every step of the process of preparing for POD publishing was covered in the courses, and I will add, worth every cent I paid to learn.

I believe I have improved my covers, and now understand why certain layouts are better than others.

After the courses finished mid February, I have finalised the three “Broken” covers and layouts, and am now working on Jazz’s Asteroid layout and cover.

So, I thought I would share my latest cover layout for Broken Faith.



What do you think? Looks more professional than the last attempt, below?


The WMG Publishing Covers and Interiors courses uses InDesign for the layout, but I have found a free program, Scribus, that does everything InDesign does, even if it has a few design errors that are easily fixed before exporting to a PDF file.

Here is a sample of the layout for chapter one of Broken Faith.


I could continue to use Word for the interior layouts of my novels, but, having now used Scribus, I prefer the ease of importing the Word doc into Scribus templates I designed and can reuse for each new novel, and because of the ease of changing fonts, removing widows and orphans, adjusting font height, width, kerning and tracking, and also the ease of paragraph style setup and selection in Scribus.

I will continue to create and manipulate images in Photoshop to get each future cover image, but, once satisfied with the cover image, I will now import the cover image into Scribus cover layout template, and arrange the text elements in Scribus because of the ease of changing the font width and height inside the text boxes in Scribus.

I now plan on finishing the POD Cover and Interior for Jazz’s Asteroid and for Divided Loyalties in the next three weeks, along with, hopefully, finishing the novella I am currently writing, because I will then be taking the WMG Publishing Genres course.

By the time I finish the next two layouts, I might be confident enough to write a How To article on using Scribus for novel interiors. Would you be interested in learning to use Scribus to create POD interiors?

Hope you are all having fun with your current projects. 


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