The Joys of Broadband

I just finished another six week course with Dean Wesley Smith called Promotions.

The course was great, explaining all the different ways to promote that will work. I had to start each of 6-8 videos and quickly press pause, before I looked at the length (minutes), then worked out how long it would take before I could start to play the video.

An example is start a 10 minute video, push pause so the video will continue to download or load (not sure of the correct term), then multiply 10 minutes X 5 to get the time it would take. I had 50 minutes to wait before I could play the video and take as many notes as I could. If I needed to replay, to confirm I got enough notes, I had to wait another 50 minutes for it to load again, but the note taking was not as frantic the second time around.

Painfully slow, but working.

Then, as soon as I completed week 5, and thankfully emailed the assignment to Dean, the internet stopped working. No email, no reading the newspapers, no going back to the course.

I waited a few hours before I rang the telco company.

They said “Yes, there seemed to be a problem with my line, and have booked a technician to fix the problem the next day.”

The next day was a Wednesday.

That night I got a phone message but could not understand it, however, the next morning (Wednesday) I had internet back. I guessed the message said it was fixed.

I continued to work on the computer like normal, checking email, reading other blogs, and writing.

Then I got a phone call from the telco company asking if I wanted to upgrade my phone and internet package.

I asked why? The current one was not very fast, but it worked mostly. Then I asked what the problem was with my internet the day before.

I was advised there was a problem with the telco server and thousands lost their internet the previous day. I thanked him and hung up. It was not a problem at my place.

The problem was solved.

Thursday, I went shopping. Got home at 10 to 12.

No phone and no internet.

Found a message that a technician had come to fix the logged problem from the Tuesday, and needed to come back when I was home. He noted he left the property at 12:00.

I knew something was wrong, because I was home at 10 to 12.

Next thing he arrived. The technician was really nice, and tested the computer, modem, phone and line. There was nothing wrong with the modem, computer, router or connection to the phone line.

And a few hours later the internet worked. Not only did it work, but it was FAST.

The next week rolled around, and I was set up to take notes while each video played. I started the first video. I hit pause, checked the length of the video, and calculated out how long I had to wait for it to complete loading before I could play it.

To my surprise, and joy, it had finished loading already. None of the videos took more than 3 minutes to load, and most took between 1-2 minutes. Total bliss.

I have now entered the 21st century!

Soon, I need to set up a publishing plan to bring every blurb up to date, add back matter promotion, fix covers, and get on with writing the next story.

Hope you are all still enjoying writing stories in different worlds with different characters.

All fun and games. And I noticed the more fun, the easier to write nasty antagonists and tough protagonists.


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  1. Angela/curiocat on

    You’ve got the patience of a saint to wait so long for those videos to load. I’m so glad to hear your patience has been rewarded. Welcome to the 21 century. 😉

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks! 🙂 We have a very slow connection compared to most of the world, but are catching up with new roll outs of broadband.

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