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Illustrations: Back to Basics

I decided to start learning Photoshop colouring in by doing a drawing by hand. So I located the book Drawing & Painting Fantasy Figures by Finlay Cowan and read the steps he takes using marker pens.

I copied one of his drawings, and followed along with the steps, but I couldn’t find my marker pens since I moved house, so I used coloured pencils instead. Continue reading

Finalising Outstanding Projects for This Year

What a year!

I adjusted deadlines for my projects in my 2012 Wall Year Planner and realised this year flew by. I then printed out my 2014 Year Planner (4 x A4 pages) and glued it together and placed on the wall under the 2013 planner.

Note to everyone who tried to open the 2012 Wall Year Planner blog page but couldn’t, you can comment below if you want me to email you a copy of the excel spreadsheet so you can print out your own wall planner, to use year after year, by just changing the year in one cell then compiling the new layout for that year. Continue reading