Finalising Outstanding Projects for This Year

What a year!

I adjusted deadlines for my projects in my 2012 Wall Year Planner and realised this year flew by. I then printed out my 2014 Year Planner (4 x A4 pages) and glued it together and placed on the wall under the 2013 planner.

Note to everyone who tried to open the 2012 Wall Year Planner blog page but couldn’t, you can comment below if you want me to email you a copy of the excel spreadsheet so you can print out your own wall planner, to use year after year, by just changing the year in one cell then compiling the new layout for that year.

This caused me to review 2013 projects and work on a list for 2014 to get the waiting stories edited and covers created and publish in the new year. I feel exhausted just thinking about it!

I published the sixth Galaxy Freight novella, Truth Revealed, Smashwords,  and Amazon in April as an eBook.

First project in 2014 will be compiling Galaxy Freight 1, 2, & 3 into a print and electronic book. Then Galaxy Freight 4, 5, & 6 into a pBook and eBook.

I published a novella, Sensing Danger , Smashwords  and Amazon in June. I admit this story was fun to write.

I had to write another, because I loved the characters and wanted to see what they would do next, and because one of my beta readers insisted one of the characters “got what she deserved”. I wrote Sensing Danger: Capture. This story need s a final edit, format, blurb, and cover before I can publish it.

Another project for 2014 is to create one pbook combining both Se

In October I published Creating POD Interiors & Covers Using Scribus, Amazon as an eBook and a pBbook.nsing Danger novellas. Also need to decide on a new cover for that.

I also listed on this blog the software I found was easiest to use to create the different formats for publishing here.

I hope this helps all of you who want to take the first step in getting your stories up on the different sites. I suggest you dip your toes into the indie publishing revolution by following my process and put an eBook story up first to get a feel for the whole process.

You can use a different author name without anyone knowing, and see how it goes. You won’t get any sales if the stories are not available. And when you get the sales, whether England, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada, or even Japan, let me know, because I would love to hear from you.

I wrote and published Seeds of Hope, Amazon and Smashword as an eBook in November. This is 6 flash fiction fantasy stories and they were fun to write.

I want to work through Holly’s process again for 6 science fiction stories,

but this time, the stories will relate to the next upcoming novel, somewhere between 60-90K length. I have a basic plot done, but need more scene sentences and to develop the characters some more before I can nail the story down. Of course, I should have already started the first draft, but got sidetracked.

Right there, I listed 5 projects for 2014.

I also took Dean Wesley Smith’s courses, Covers, Interiors, Genres and Promotions, before I started Tift Publishing.

Looking back at all the things I did get done, I realise I never took the time to really study Photoshop. I did learn enough to create and edit images to use in covers, but I need to get a lot better at it.

So, I will spend the rest of December playing around with drawings and colouring inside Photoshop, and hopefully get to spend some time using Painter to create watercolour and oi

l effects on some images.

So far, I drew an alien spaceship. And added it to another image background, as I learnt about the Gradient Tool and Lens Flare. I think I ended up with a good looking UFO.









Of course, I had to try and add flare from the engines.









Then I tried colouring in spaceships inside Photoshop, and not succeeding very well.









So, I am off to to play around with Photoshop a lot more before I can improve all the covers of the published books, and create new books. If all else fails, I can draw, ink and watercolour my pictures the old fashioned way using brushes and pens and scan the images into Photoshop.

As a side note, I even have floor plans of each section in the alien spaceship used in the Broken novels, the one on the right above, which I should find and scan into the computer some time soon. 🙂

What are you planning for December? More stories? More covers? Or just to relax and get ready for family to visit? Feel free to comment below.

Keep writing and keep enjoying the indie journey for another year.


3 comments so far

  1. Angela/curiocat on

    Hey, Diane. It was fun reading about all you’ve done and all you plan to do. I’m still playing around in Photoshop, too. I plan to do that and keep working on my writing. As usual all is chaos. It seems when the animals aren’t sick the humans are. Then there’s my keyboard, I need a new one soon; some of the keys aren’t working half the time. I’m having to copy and paste letters from elsewhere to even write in these comments. It’s a pain. Next time out I will not forget again.

    Thanks for sharing the images. I loved seeing them.

    • D J Mills on

      I hope the next few images I share are better than these! I think I can only get better, because I can’t get much worse! 🙂

      I love google to search. I found a YouTube video while searching for lessons on “colouring in Photoshop” that you might like to watch. I will watch it again, then practice how he does it.

      I also found another lesson I will try tomorrow with shading and highlights in skin, fabrics and such.

      Both lessons select a little area and use the bucket to colour, then do highlights afterwards with erasers? or blur and burn? Not like me trying to paint like I do with pencils and brushes and dip pens the old fashioned way one stroke at a time!

      • Angela/curiocat on

        Ok, thanks. I did check them out and they are awesome. I book marked for future use.

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